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My passion for painting remained a hobby (albeit a paying one) during my 15 years of service, the most wonderful city in the whole world. It gave my passion wings and allowed me to pursue and develop my hobby as much as I could. I have been painting for as long as I can remember and did professional skill enhancement courses, including many on face drawing.

I found myself being able to draw and paint faces better than other forms and so decided to focus on portraiture. As a natural outflow of my passion, I decided to take it up as a profession post retirement four years ago.

Internet has encouraged me to become a professional as through my portal I can directly reach out to genuine clientele (without any go-betweens) and I am able to offer reasonable prices for my works.

Costs have been kept modest to cover basic compensation for the effort involved. The aim is not to make just money but fruitfully pursue my passion. Costs may not reflect the true value of the paintings.

I look forward to interacting with people with aesthetic tastes, who may like to possess a painting done with passion and with the heart.

This series is the most recent version of my paintings exploring an abstract and contemporary style

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